Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why a cooking blog?

If you knew me, you'd be surprised that I started a cooking blog. Although I love cooking, I am more interested in politics, religion and current events. I read the news daily and keep myself updated on what's going on in the world by visiting various blogs - my favorites being Angry Arab, Nido Generation, Baghdad Burning and other Middle Eastern/Bahraini blogs. I enjoy discussing politics with my husband(who is also obssessed with politics) friends and family and I grew up with a very politically minded family. So why a cooking blog? Well a cooking blog doesn't take much effort. You just post your recipes and thats about it. But most importantly, cooking makes me happy. I see it as an outlet to life's frustrations. Whenever something is bothering me, be it personal or political, I start cooking something. Cooking is almost magical - You take a bunch of ingredients, put them together and then end up with something delicious and satisfying. If someone enjoys a dish I made or a recipe I gave them, then I feel happy and satisfied. I also love listening to people's ideas on how to improve a recipe and make it even better. I love how recipes can become personal - with each cook adding a special something that makes a recipe uniquely their own. I hope you enjoy my recipes and please feel free to send me some of your own!